Spouse Support

One of the big challenges of expatriate family life is that most often, only one spouse arrives with a job. The other is left to figure out life in a completely new and unfamiliar environment.


Our Spouse Support programs look after the often overlooked trailing spouse, because his/her satisfaction contributes to the success of an overseas assignment as much as any other factor.


As a female-managed and family-run expatriate company, we at Ark understand the full importance of access to the best opportunities in China and Hong Kong for spouses. For those wishing to continue their careers, we facilitate introductions to appropriate organizations and contacts within the local business community. For those who prefer to spend their time pursuing volunteer, social, or educational opportunities, we maintain an extensive database of organizations and contacts and can provide the necessary introductions.


Our Spousal Programs Typically Include:

  • Advice on employment policy for expatriates in China
  • Introduction to work opportunities and head hunters
  • Assistance “localizing” CV where appropriate
  • Appointment booking with main chambers of commerce in the host city
  • Introduction to language and further education options
  • Introduction to relevant networking and expatriate associations for work and personal development
  • Introduction to charities and work alternatives
  • Customized and focused Cross-Cultural Training for spouses and family members