Look-See Packages

Look-See packages are designed to focus on the assignee’s needs while adhering to company housing, budgetary, and transportation policy.


Our packages introduce a potential assignee to all facets of life in China and Hong Kong—the good and the bad—so that he or she is prepared for the move. We tailor Look-See trips to reflect spouse/family needs. All of our consultants are expatriates we’ve trained to provide a comprehensive service and who are available and happy to answer questions even after the potential assignee has returned home.


We also furnish potential assignees with an excellent City Pack that includes documentation on general city information, schooling, hospitals, transportation, banking, social activities and network groups.


What To Expect

Each trip usually last 3-6 days, depending on company policy and available time. Each program is customized based on a thorough needs analysis, but typically will include home search, school search, and orientation as well as a thorough introduction to all of the little details of everyday living:

  • Medical facilities
  • Banking
  • Transportation within the city
  • Domestic help and child care
  • Pets
  • Recreational options
  • Social networks
  • Immigration processes
  • School search
  • Language training
  • Spousal work opportunities
  • Home search
  • Utilities
  • Expatriate lifestyles in China and Hong Kong