Departure Services

All good things must come to an end, and for both the company and the assignee, the end of the assignment often involves an overwhelming amount of work and worry.


We ensure that leases, utilities, and other services are terminated successfully and manage the handback of the property and return of the deposit. We offer both basic and full packages.



The Full Package Includes:

  • Full departure checklists and process maps
  • Full checkout of the property, including inventory check and documentation of entire process
  • Specialists to check claim damage and/or conduct repairs when required
  • Negotiation of maximum return of security deposit
  • Organization of final utility payments
  • Termination of utilities and phone lines where necessary
  • Termination of car hire and negotiation of any claims
  • Termination of domestic help contracts
  • Termination and possible transfer of club memberships
  • Assistance with organizing sale or disposal of unwanted goods
  • Move Coordination
  • Pet relocation coordination