Ark Value Guarantee

In the interest of establishing long relationships with our partners, we are committed to offering a transparent, sensible, comprehensive, and constant pricing structure. Our goal is simple: to deliver high-end customer service at a price that offers our clients the possibility to use us over and over again.


While our local competitors may undersell us sometimes providing after-sales services for free, we believe you get what you pay for. As a matter of principle, we offer REAL value for a REAL price.


The prices we charge for our services reflect their quality and are highly competitive on a global scale. We continuously scan the market for reliable suppliers for our outsourced services, compare their quality levels and prices, benchmark these against local and international levels, and run tests to make sure these suppliers deliver what they promise. Even our internally-provided services are tested by independent third parties and compared to the price levels of our local competitors. All findings are evaluated by our Internal Process Team and prices and services are adjusted on a regular basis. This practice ensures that our clients receive the best quality of service available not only in China but anywhere in the world.